Mornings 5AM - 10AM

The Bobby Bones Show

The Bobby Bones Show joined Premiere Networks’ national lineup in 2011 and was nationally syndicated on CHR radio until February 2013 when the program transitioned to a Country format. Today, the program originates from WSIX in Nashville and can be heard on nearly 140 Country radio stations nationwide by millions of listeners.

Middays 10AM - 3PM

Chris Wolfe

I am a huge hockey fan (Go Blackhawks), best sport ever to watch live! I play the tenor drum in The Celtic Dragon Pipe Band, yes a bagpipe band, but of course I don’t play the bagpipes, just the drum!

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM

Benny Edwin

He’s hooked up to an IV drip of caffeine and has a love for the fresh young country artists, Benny hosts your #workrelease party to get you from the punch-out clock to the driveway. He loves it when you message the show too!

Nights 7 PM - 12 AM

The Big Time With Whitney Allen

What did you want to be when you were 5? And really…what kid actually gets to be the astronaut, rock star, explorer, or radio host?!? Whitney Allen, that’s who!